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Abortion Pill Holdrege NE

Abortion Pill Near Holdrege, NE

One of the safest and simplest methods for abortion is taking the abortion pill at our clinic near Holdrege, Nebraska. It’s less invasive than other abortion procedures, but when taken early enough in the pregnancy it is very effective. The abortion pill has an up to 98% effectiveness. Only 2-6% of patients who take the abortion pill require a surgical abortion to complete the procedure. We offer the abortion pill for pregnancies up to 11 weeks, as after this length of pregnancy it becomes less effective. Our kind, caring staff will answer any question you have about the abortion pill so that you can make your decision fully informed and confidently.

Abortion Pill Near Holdrege, NE Procedure

The abortion pill is actually a series of two pills taken over the course of a couple of days. Before we prescribe the pills, we use a sonogram to determine the length of your pregnancy so we can be sure the abortion pill near Holdrege, Nebraska will be effective in your case. Once we have confirmed that the pregnancy is within 11 weeks, we will give you the first pill in our clinic. The first pill, mifepristone, blocks pregnancy hormones to stop the pregnancy from growing. We will send you home with the second pill, misoprostol, which you will take within 24-48 hours after the first pill. Mifepristone induces your body to expel the pregnancy. Once you’ve taken the two pills, we will schedule a follow up appointment in a few weeks to check that the abortion was complete and that there are no complications.

Abortion Pill Near Holdrege, NE – the CARE Colorado Difference

At CARE Colorado, we pride ourselves on providing all of our patients exceptional care, whether it is for the abortion pill at our clinic near Holdrege, Nebraska or any other procedure. We offer faster scheduling than other abortion clinics. We provide any and all medication you need as a result of the abortion procedure, including pain medication, at no extra cost. We also include the onsite ultrasound in the cost, reviewed by a physician. Finally, we treat every patient with the love, kindness, courtesy, justice, and respect that everyone deserves.